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The Station bar in Slater sees customers on bikes, Harleys, golf carts

The Station bar in Slater sees customers on bikes, Harleys, golf carts

Bikers, Harleys and golf carts have been showing up at The Station bar in Slater since it opened shortly before the 4th of July.

Some customers also drive cars and trucks, of course. But La Station is located near a popular cycle path, so cyclists were delighted to see a new stop on their rides this summer.

Bikers quickly heard about a new destination for their road trips.

And Slater residents are well known locally for their extensive use of golf carts to drive around their community.

The resort is owned by two Huxley couples, Ardie and Cindy Drummond and Roger and Carol Ossian (pronounced as ocean, if you’re wondering). The Drummonds and Ossians are all Iowa State graduates, and Ardie and Roger also own a carpentry business together.

“We have a lot of premises. A lot of them come on their golf carts,” Cindy Drummond said. “The week before July 4, we had a soft opening. We didn’t tell anyone we were going to be open, we just put the “Open” sign up.

The Station Bar in Slater has a large covered patio and outdoor bar as well as indoor seating and an indoor bar.

That night it was mostly locals, about 25 of them. They had seen the work being done on the site, so they were curious about it.

“July Fourth was a little crazy,” Cindy Drummond said with a laugh. “We receive a lot of cyclists. The Heart of Iowa Nature Trail is just a few blocks away.

“People have driven here from Ames and Madrid and many different places. Many of the comments we get say it’s a nice, quiet place to just sit and visit. We have music, but it’s not very loud. It’s a quiet and fun place.

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