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Can you drive a hypercar daily?

You might want to know if you can daily a high performance hypercar like the Ferrari LaFerrari

The 1980s cemented the popularity of the excessive supercar at a time when it should have failed. Today, all eyes are on the next carrier of unreason and high performance, the hypercar. Light, aerodynamic and incredibly powerful, hypercars like the Bugatti Chiron symbolize the fastest cars in the world. However, for those of you who are wealthy enough to own one, can you drive your hypercar on a daily basis?

What is a hypercar?

Hypercars are the closest road-legal production vehicles to dedicated racing cars. According to Forbes, hypercars are typically characterized by low production numbers, high performance and expensive materials. The result of special materials and meticulous construction is (usually) light, maneuverable and highly sought after. Think of the times you’ve scoured automotive publications and spotted a Pagani Zonda or a Bugatti Chiron for the first time.

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